Friday, July 15, 2011

Forget Bette Davis

Have you seen Chicks with Buscemeyes, in which actor Steve Buscemi’s careworn eyes are superimposed over those of otherwise hot women? What’s next?: Chicks with Gandolfinis? Chicks with Kinnears? Or, worse, Dudes with Deschanelbows?

How distressing: Hugh Hefner thinks his former fiancĂ© might have had another lover. Didn’t she know he owns the patent on that shtick?

News Corp. execs are dropping like flies. Note to all high-school yearbook editors: GET BUSY!

I think that Rupert Murdoch should lay low for a while. Maybe he and the Mrs. can rent Whitey Bulger’s apartment, as it appears Whitey won’t be needing it for the next 150 years.

I just read that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are kaput. Who’s going to cut the holes in her dresses now?

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