Sunday, August 07, 2011

More Books with a Letter Missing

Size the Day – a manifesto on Daylight Savings Time

Per Goriot - the world according to Goriot

Our Ton – the story of  an overweight child

How to Make an American Quit – don’t offer him a raise

Le More D'Arthur – the movie sequel

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Who's on Fust?

Love this Twitter meme, about book titles with a letter missing. Here’s my take:

Without Fathers – Woody Allen’s take on single motherhood

The Big Seep – the Exxon Valdez story

Infinite Jet – The Richard Branson story

The Naked and the Dad – a man in mid-life crisis joins a nudist colony

The Lord of the Rigs – you know, one of those bearded behemoths from Ice Road Truckers.

A Payer for Owen Meany – John Irving’s tale of a sugar daddy.

On the Bach – Ringo’s marital memoir

IM – a young boy in India learns the art of text messaging.

The Potman Always Rings Twice – the tale of a persistant drug dealer.

Woking – Studs Terkel’s cookbook.

Schindler’s Lit – Oskar Schindler on a bender

The Wonderful Wizard of O – the Oprah Winfrey story.

The Bile – a bunch of ticked-off prophets vent their spleens

Fust – a tale of what happens when you deal with the devil.

Let Us Now Raise Famous Men – the Barbara Bush story

Mater & Commander – Mom and Dad for the S&M set.

The Dharma Bus – on the road with Jack Kerouac

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I'll Have What He's Having

At last, scientists have invented an invisibility cloak. Quick, throw it over Charlie Sheen.

A sunken submarine yielded $180 million of cocaine. Well, blow me down.  Funny it wasn't found on a junk. Or on an ocean line(r).

A Dunkin’ Donuts worker sold herself in the parking lot on her breaks. I wonder if she accepted gift cards.

In China, pickpockets are using chopsticks to relieve citizens of their wallets. (see the YouTube video) Worse, they repeat their crimes a half-hour later.

In France, McDonald’s has added baguettes to the menu. Suggested catchphrases:

  • Fast food you long for
  • Long food you fast for
  • Home of the foot-long hamburger
  • Try a Long Mac today!
  • We spit on your undersized American puny burgers
Speaking of food, Harrods is about to debut a $400 lunch. On the menu: bangers and cash; take-my-kidney pie; bubble and shriek.