Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I'll Have What He's Having

At last, scientists have invented an invisibility cloak. Quick, throw it over Charlie Sheen.

A sunken submarine yielded $180 million of cocaine. Well, blow me down.  Funny it wasn't found on a junk. Or on an ocean line(r).

A Dunkin’ Donuts worker sold herself in the parking lot on her breaks. I wonder if she accepted gift cards.

In China, pickpockets are using chopsticks to relieve citizens of their wallets. (see the YouTube video) Worse, they repeat their crimes a half-hour later.

In France, McDonald’s has added baguettes to the menu. Suggested catchphrases:

  • Fast food you long for
  • Long food you fast for
  • Home of the foot-long hamburger
  • Try a Long Mac today!
  • We spit on your undersized American puny burgers
Speaking of food, Harrods is about to debut a $400 lunch. On the menu: bangers and cash; take-my-kidney pie; bubble and shriek.

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